Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. We have already bought items to ensure our workplace is safe, why do we need a Covid Care Box as well?

A. Our boxes are designed as personal supplements to measures that you are already taking as a business, which should include measures for social distancing and ensuring that the wider space is made safe and secure. Our personal packs are to be individually owned by your employees, available for them to use during their commute, whilst out on lunch or as an extra layer of security whilst working at their desks. 

Q. Are the face coverings provided medical standard?

A. No. In line with government guidelines, the face coverings are not medical grade which ensures that vital medical supplies to the NHS and frontline services are not affected, but instead afford the same protective qualities as those recommended by government guidelines for travel on public transport. 

Q. How long will my delivery take

A. We are currently experiencing extreme demand and as such we recommend ordering your boxes 2-3 weeks prior to them being required. 

Q. My items don't look like the products pictured

A. We are sourcing stock for our packs from a variety of locations, and as such can not guarantee that the exact items pictured will be what arrives in your packets. They will be the same items as described, but may be in different packaging.